mixed media abstract drawing by JP Migneco
Pen & ink illustration regarding deforestation by JP Migneco
Digitally drawn topographic map of Xaqqa Valley by JP Migneco
JP MIgneco - Chroma Terra - Abstract mixed media chromo-stereoscopic artwork of a landscape topography
Digial drawing derived from topography of Mount Fuji  by JP Mignec
Geometric wireframe landscape drawings
wireframe - 3D grid landscape - jp migneco
Fomm ir-Rih Wireframe - JP Migneco - 3D grid landscape
JP Migneco self portrait digital media drawing
JP Migneco - Hypercube - 4D figure - tesseract -
Hypercubes - 4D pattern - jp migneco - moire pattern

Illustrations and preliminary line drawings produced in pencil, ink and digital media.

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Hypercubic Figures, 2019, digital media, 60cm x 60cm